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Born and raised in the rough and tumble neighborhoods of North Philadelphia, Chamyang Unkow honed his photography skills shooting the mean streets around him. Now you can find him shooting anything from street life to commercial to high fashion. He's shot for Guess Jeans, Philadelphia Style Magazine, and URB Magazine. His work has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Winnipeg Free Press, and Black & White Magazine. His approach to photography is traditional in a sense of relating to the old masters of the thirty's and forty's American photography. His mentors are the likes of Brassi, Burke White, WeeJee, Strand, Callihan, and other greats of the period. He prefers using natural light and can often be found capturing a moment at night or just before sun up.

"Wojo", a nickname he picked up growing up in a Polish neighborhood, can usually be found navigating his way through streets and back alleys searching for that revealing light or a glimpse of architectural beauty. He has come to know Philadelphia best from cycling and it's helped him establish a good sense of the ever changing landscapes of the city. Over the years he's traveled extensively by bicycle and photographed places like Utah's Delicate Arch, the Florida Keys, Wyoming's Rockies, and even far off lands like Taiwan. He currently lives in and shoots photographs of Philadelphia's Kensington section, a neighborhood known for it's urban ghettos and poverty.

Being a part of Philly's art scene for over 20 years you can still find him offering his creativity along with his easy going and sometimes crazy personality. He's been the focus of numerous solo exhibits across the area, mainly choosing coffee houses and outdoor markets as his venue. He feels their higher volume of foot traffic and exposure help keep him closer to both his clients as well as his subjects. He is available for fashion, architectural, night and fine art photography and can be contacted by email.

Chamyang "Wojo" Unkow


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